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25, Baran, Canada
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Sexuálna preferenciaBisexuál
Výška>176 - 185 cm
Hmotnosť55 - 63 kg
Etnický pôvodBiely/Kavkazan
JazykyAngličtina, Francúzština
Čo ma vzrušuje
enthusiastic consent & support LOL
O mne
just for fun! thank you for coming, it makes me so happy to know youre here
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new mic
new mic
vintage-look on this MXL is just.... stunning
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gold vibrator
gold vibrator
okay this is just crazy but... i can't resist the gold... it's like i wanna be goldmember
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oil pen
oil pen
just gonna stay right on brand here, let's get fucked uppp
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my love to you

ello ello m'love

i'm brand new ~

i'm honestly just a regular woman that you see everyday.

i really appreciate the fact that you've come to my page ~ that support i've received here has been transformative so far:

it has made me confident in new ways since i've gotten compliments on here that i've never heard in real life. ever. it shows that freedom is within reach for me; that i might be free from the 9-5 grind someday.

every single tip makes me smile -- it shows me that people care, that i am desired, and that i have a chance here. god, i'd give anything to do this full time..

so thank you. so much.

i appreciate you & your time spent with me.

now let's have some fun!